The workshop takes place in Room B5 in the building Exakte Wissenschaften (ExWi) of the University of Bern.

Address: Exakte Wissenschaften, Sidlerstrasse 5, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

  • From the Old City (Altstadt) you can get to the ExWi building without making a detour through the train station (note that this route involves walking up some stairs). Go along Zeughausgasse that soon becomes Aarbergergasse in the general direction of the train station until the intersection with Bollwerk. At this intersection, take the elevator leading to an overpass over Bollwerk. After crossing the overpass, follow the arrows to "Parkterrasse 10–16," "Langgasse," and "Bahnhof" parking, go up a small flight of stairs to an outdoor parking, pass the parking on your left, and go up the stairs labeled "Parkterrasse 10, 14," "Grosse Schanze," "Universität," "Länggassequartier". Upon reaching the top of these stairs, cross the covered gallery overlooking the train tracks. At the end of the gallery, DON'T take the stairs up into the open, but turn RIGHT instead. You will find yourself at the entrance to the ExWi building. This entrance is labeled "Eingang Passerelle" on the building schematics and leads to the 1st underground floor. Take the adjacent stairs to your left, go one floor down and follow the signs to Room B5 on the 2nd underground floor.
  • The ExWi building is also reachable from the train station in less than 5 minutes by foot (this route can be made completely stairs-free). Go downstairs to the Bahngeschoss on the station plan, go towards tracks 12/13, and take the elevator situated there to Grosse Schanze (the top floor). Walk about 150 meters north-east, passing the university main building on your left, towards the building of Exakte Wissenschaften. This entrance is labeled "Eingang Terasse" on the building schematics and leads to the ground floor. You need to go two floors down, following the signs to Room B5 on the 2nd underground floor.
  • The parking closest to the ExWi building is Bahnhof Parking (see link with directions and the printable version of directions). After parking take the elevator to Grosse Schanze and follow the directions indicated above.
  • The easiest way of reaching the ExWi building by public transport (see the route network) is by taking almost any tram or bus to "Bern Bahnhof," going into the train station, and following the above instructions from there.

Internet access


The eduroam network is available in the ExWi building. If you would like to have Internet access, but your home institution does not provide access to eduroam or you have trouble connecting to it, please contact Roman Kuznets.